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About me, 

Hello there!

My name is Denise and I am a photographer based in Sweden. I specialised in the fields of both nature and portrait photography.

Ever  since childhood I've always felt the most at home in nature and growing up in the Swedish country side gave me the incredible privilege of always being close to deep forests, tranquil fields and rivers. Where I could really lose myself in the wonders of our Mother Earth.  As I got older we moved away from that paradise. But still I always find way back home to nature. So I guess you can say that I've always been a child of nature.

Photography on the other hand, now that came to me a bit later in life. 

The first camera I ever used was a Canon 500D camera, that originally was my mothers. 

I remember taking a few pictures with it here and there in my early teens.  

A small interest started growing but it was nothing serious at that point. 

It wasn't until fall the year 2018 when I took my first ever solo trip up to the far north of Sweden, that my passion for creativity and capturing moments with the help of a camera really bloomed. 

Now over four years later I've built up my photographic portfolio quite a bit. With everything from special moments of road trips around Sweden and to creative photo shoots with clients.

For me, photography has never been just about taking a good picture, I want to create art with the help of various elements and tools to convey a message.

An artist uses colours and brushes to create a painting that is not only beautiful, but also evokes emotions in the viewer.

My photos are my art, a chance to show my point of view and vision to the world. 


Want to following me on my journey? 

Please look me up on Instagram or TikTok to know more of what I'm up to. :) 

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